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Cul de Sac Crusaders follows a group of rebellious children, who attempt to rebel against their parents and the greater suburban community they live in.


Gameplay is centered around controlling different child characters as they perform a number of heists, cause property damage, rescue their friends from grounding, and cause general mischief in and around their cul de sac. Gameplay is played from a third person perspective.


The game will feature interior and outside environments that will dynamically react to the children's antics. Players will be able to observe, experiment with, and trick the many game systems to accomplish their goals. Outsmarting the AI is not a failure of programming, but a goal we hope all players will achieve.

Other Features

  • Thrilling stealth action in a beautifully rendered 3D world
  • Intelligent, systems-driven gameplay
  • Amusing and captivating story and characters
  • Populated, living environment
  • Procedurally generated interior stealth levels

The Team